Servo Arm Extensions

One of the problems with mini and micro-servos from FMA and other companies is that they only supply small servo arms that are not long enough for aileron hook-up, throttle and elevator control., So, I designed a way to use standard servo arms on the FMA S80, S90 and S95 servo. (See pictures below)

Drill out the standard servo arm ID to same size as FMA servo arm OD and slip the small FMA servo arm into the hole of the standard servo arm. Drill if necessary two small holes through both arms and secure with two SMALL screws and then I also hot-stuff the servo arms. FMA supplies extra screws with the servo so I always seem to have enough screws. If not, check a local HO Train hobby store or your regular hobby shop for the small screws.

Now you have the longer arms and all the throw you need. Thanks to Peter Rundel for suggesting this topic.