How to Mount Servos in Foam

When you make a foam airplane, there are the waste pieces that come from inside the fuse cavity.  Save these as they make great mounts for servos and fuel tanks.

For the fuel tank, take the blanks for that area of the fuse and cut a cavity in the two sides to fit the fuel tank leaving as much as possible at the front for spacing and cushion.  Then just slide it into place before installing the rubber band rod.  Cut the back of the foam to make room for the rod.

For the servos, cut the foam blanks for that area to size and then cut in half to lower the top of the blank to the height that you need.  Place the servo where you want it and press or use a pen to outline the shape.  Use a sharp hobby knife to cut out the servo area.  You want a tight fit.  On the end where the wires are, you will have to cut out a slot for them.   Next, use RC 56 and put a bunch in the cavity on the bottom which you did not make too deep.  Also put the RC 56 along the two sides and slide the servo into the cavity.  This will have to cure for 24 hours. 

The foam blank can also be used to mount the radio and the battery but I prefer to not do that so that I can adjust their position to adjust the CG as necessary.