Things you will need to get started

Required Items

Safety Starting Stick
Recoil Fuel Tubing
Hand Crank Fuel Pump
Kwik Start Glow Plug Igniter
Fuel Can Cap Fittings
Flight Pack Field Box
Silicone Tubing - Large (1ft)
Electric Super Starter
Recoil Fuel Tubing
Electric Fuel Pump
Deluxe Power Panel
Locking Socket Clip
Sealed 12V 7AH Battery
Final Filter
Silicone Tubing - Large (1ft)
4-way Wrench
Sport 10% Fuel
Charger 12V 500maH

Optional Items

Along with the essentials listed above, there are many items which come in very handy for working on your model, making small repairs, etc. There are even some that may save your model from a crash. The following are a selection of items that we recommend as ideal additions to your flight box. Click on the image or title to learn more.

Expanded Scale Voltmeter
An expanded Scale Voltmeter can tell you the condition of your batteries and may save an airplane.

Digital Tachometer

A tachometer is a great tool for helping you set your engine needle valve settings. It will help you get the most power from your engine and prevent a lean run.

After Run Engine Oil

After Run Engine Oil is your best insurance from internal engine rust due to fuel ingredients and moisture.

Prop Reamer

Fox Prop Reamers can enlarge the center hole in your propellers perfectly. Works much better than a drill.

Digital Voltmeter

This Hobbico Digital Voltmeter not only works well as an Expanded Scale Voltmeter to keep check on your batteries, it also can be used for general voltage measurements up to 19.99 Volts.

Quick Field Charger

This Hobbico Quick Field Charger lets you recharge your radio's NiCds right at the field from any 12V source.

Prop Balancer

Now you can ensure any prop you have to replace in the field is properly balanced.

Safety Starting Stick

A Safety Starting Stick (Chicken Stick) helps you start your engine safely without hurting your fingers with the prop!