Aircraft Bomb

Another construction article seen in the magazines, but worth repeating, is this method of making cheap bombs for dropping off those toilet paper racks I described to you many moons ago. You know, the one where you have a servo pushing a wire through one side of the fuselage while there is a rubber band that comes under the toilet paper on the other side and holds onto the wire. Pull your retract switch, the wire goes in and the toilet paper drops , remember? Well go to the store and buy up some of them Styrofoam cups. You can get 100 for under a dollar. You might buy a small bag of cheap flower, unless your wife buys it in 25-pound bags like mine does. In that case, she'll never miss a little. Cut Four equally space slots into one cup and glue it, bottom to bottom, to another cup. I used hot glue. Now fill that cup full with flour and glue it top to top with a third and final cup. Lightly cut grooves in the last cup to weaken it and your done! Hook the TP bomber’s rubberband around the head of the bomb and drop it over a hard surface. It will make a good puff of ‘smoke’ when it hits. Here’s a drawing for reference.   
bomb.gif (2982 bytes)