Throttle Linkage

This is the throttle setup I use in my pattern planes. Use a piece of .047 / .049 inch piano wire as the push rod. Use a piece of the "yellow" (inside) portion of Nyrod. That is the original push rod part, as the carrier. Solder and twist the wire around a chrome clevis as shown in the diagram. This makes the connection solid. You must run the Nyrod through the firewall in a position where the wire lines up on a small angle slightly to the inside of the throttle control arm. If the wire is bent at a ninety degree angle, (drawing) you can see a spring tension will exist if it passed through the control arm. It is a simple matter to set your servo to its center position, (with the radio on), then center the throttle control arm and make a ninety degree bend in the wire. Trim the wire where it just clears the carburetor as it operates. Now use your computer radio to adjust top - low end positions of the throw. The spring tension alone will hold the wire in position. No need for any gismos to hold the wire on the control arm. The spring tension does that nicely. Quick, simple and works well.