Simple Glow Driver

A very simple and reliable on board glow driver system is in use in my area. Mike Stokes of Indy RC told me and some fellow flyers what he used for his big Saito 4 strokes last year at the Winter Festival of Giants. Since then we've all started using this simple system and except for running out of fuel flame outs are a thing of the past.

It's disgustingly simple. Go to radio shack and get a single C cell battery holder and a simple toggle or push button switch. Connect this on board glow system to your engine and glow plug in your favorite fashion. I found some very small E-clips for a penny each at the hardware store and soldered the positive side wire from the battery to it. It clips to the top of the glow plug with no problems. Others less cheap than me use the McDaniels remote glow connector.

When I'm ready to fly I turn on the radio, receiver and range check. Then choke the engine, flip the switch for the glow battery and start the engine. I leave power to the glow plug for the entire flight. We'e get the smoothest idle and transitions with glow engines I've ever seen. No one has yet burnt out a glow plug from this setup and an alkaline C cell will last for 6 to 10 flights depending on how long your up. Just remember to shut it off when you shut off our receiver. No ni starter to worry about and C cells are cheap. C size nicads also work but less flight time. Typically a C cell will work for an entire weekend.

There are fancy on board glow systems that come on when you reduce your throttle but they require not only the battery but the electronic gizmo or micro switch. I've found that simple is better. Try It the entire system for my plane cost less than $3.

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