Monokote Tip

I use no adhesives --and no wood peckers--I do fine sand (320 gold #M) with a rubber block and then vacuum/blow all dust and then rub briskly with a dry washcloth and remove the remaining dust--Now--I use TWO irons --one is bare and at full heat --the other is covered with a very fine weave cotton baby sock pulled tight enough to keep any seams off the sole -then tape the sock to the handle to keep it taut. Set the temp on this one down to a point where it will not cause bubbles and will allow firm pressure and a circular rubbing to develop an even shrink that locks the film to the wood. When you are ready to do an edge , or a tip --use the hot iron -again this iron should not be used on the surfaces! practice this a little --you will find that the results stay locked to the wood and do not blister or lift in the summer heat.