How to Use High Gloss Paint

High gloss paint is a real problem on foam surfaces.  It just does not want to cover well.  I have used both Red Devil and Rust-oleum with the same results, multiple coats and still streaky.  The more coats, the more weight which is a real killer for 1/12th scale warbirds.

However, if a semi-gloss paint of a slightly darker color than you are using is applied first and then sanded, and then apply the high gloss paint, all is needed is one coat of the high gloss paint.  You will end up with two coats of paint, a light paint job, and nice shiny surface.

Do not use house paint, only RedDevil or Rustoleum, as both RedDevil and Rustoleum are Latex polyester paints and will become almost fuel-proof after it is fully cured, about 3 days. 

I have had very good results getting the color I want by using Rustoleum American Accents White paint and using that as a base to color match the color that I want.