Foam Cutter

Here is a simple, easy to make Foam Cutter. I made mine from scrap in my garage in 15 minutes and it only cost me $1.95.  First decide on how big a foam cutter you want.  Around 40 inches is a comfortable size. You can make the foam cutter any size you want by adjusting the length of the bow spreader.  The bow spreader is made from a piece of 1x4 pine.  I used a 36” piece to make my spreader.  This makes a bow a little wider than 40”.  Drill two 2 to 3 inch deep 7/16” diameter holes into the spreader bar about “ from the ends at approximately a 60 degree angle. The cutting wire is supported on the ends of two 1 foot long 3/8” dowels.  Screw a small eye or hook into the end of each dowel.  Place the dowels in the spreader bar and measure the distance between the hooks.  


Put two small loops at the ends of your cutting wire.  The wire should be a little more than an inch shorter than the distance between the hooks.  Attach the wire to the hooks in the dowels.  You will have to compress the dowels together.  This provides the tension necessary to keep the wire tight and holds the dowels firmly in the spreader bar.  Hook your power source (car battery works fine) with alligator clips to the cutting wire and your ready to cut foam.  

I used the Sig nichrome foam cutting wire I got from my hobby shop for $1.95 for my first cutter. It works great but needs a little more power than my 10 amp 12 volt battery charger for working with foam wider than 24”.  Using the replacement wire for the Wing Mfg. 42” Pro-Bow works the best.  It costs about $4 from Wing Mfg. and works with a 12 volt source for making wing cores great.  

To make your cutting wire last longer disconnect it from the bow when not in use this will keep the wire from being streched and the dowels from being permanently bent.