How To Fiberglass a Wing

No matter what the kit manufacturer suggests, it is a very good idea to fiberglass your wing.  The rigidity it adds at the tips alone makes it worth while.  It will greatly strengthen wing in case you have a mid-air or a rough landing.  Believe me, I know.....  The added weight is negligible compared to the benefits.

After building the wing according to the kit instructions and before attaching the ailerons, apply 3/4 oz on the BOTTOM of the wing spanning the entire length.  Use HobbyPoxy Smooth and Easy resin and mix in alcohol to thin it a little thicker than water.  Apply with a stiff brush working from the front center outwards in a fan like motion working the resin into the cloth.  Make sure that you work out any wrinkles or air pockets.

After the wing is covered, take a playing card and gently scrape off the excess resin from the surface and make sure that the surface is again smooth and free off wringles.

The next day, do the same on the top of the wing using one piece for the entire wing.  Lightly sand the wing with fine sand paper.  It truely is worth the effort.