How to Finish Foam Surfaces

I have found over time that foam is not an easy surface to prepare for painting.  The best way I have found to date is to use 80 grit sandpaper to shape the surfaces of the airplane and then go over the entire surface again with 150 or 200 grit sandpaper.  The next step is the critical one. 

Prepare a mixture of "HobbyPoxy Smooth&Easy" the following way:  mix 3 parts A with 3 parts B: after mixing, add 2 parts de-natured alcohol and mix.  Apply this to all surfaces with a stiff brush.  Add alcohol as needed to maintain the consistancy that you started with.  Remove excess off of balsa surfaces.  After this has cured, sand lightly with medium to fine sand paper.  Now you are ready to paint with LATEX   paint on a great and tough surface. 

I highly recommend Rustoleum American Accents Latex Paint as it is a polyurethane and is semi-fuel proof after it is fully cured, about 3 days