Cloth Hinges


I think that I have found the best way to install cloth (Easy Hinges) in balsa. The hinge does not become as brittle over time and keeps it's flexibility without giving up strength. It actually increases the strength of the hinge. I say this after extensive testing. After cutting the slots and shaping the aileron, rudder, or elevator to a nice rounded shape and before CA'ing them into place, do the following. Heat up some Crisco on an empty paint can lid (I use a BalsaRite can) with a small soldering iron. Separate the two surfaces that are hinged about a 1/16th on an inch. Use a very small paint brush and apply the melted Crisco to the hinge on both sides. Do not use a lot of Crisco, only enough to coat the exposed area. Slide the surfaces back together nice and tight and apply 2 to 3 drops of CA to each hinge on each side. The Crisco helps the CA flow into the slot and more CA gets to where you want it, in the slot gluing the hinge. If you do not believe me, just test it your self! The nice thing about it is that the hinge remains very flexible which cuts down on the servo load which is critical when using miniature servos and also helps the servo to center easier by reducing the load.