Shawnee Mission Park Board Meeting August 19th 1998

Well it looks like we got one major hurdle done tonight. After a very impressive presentation

tonight by Bob Miller and Bob Schumann, it looks like we have our new field location.

The board voted to allow us to move our flying field from our current location to the

new proposed flying site. There will be one more final vote to finalise the details( what trees

to remove, were the parking will be, how much the developer will help, etc.). Anyway it looks

like we got our field, no moving to Desoto. Thanks again to Bob Miller, Bob Schumann,

Jerry Sanderson, Bill Johns, and our Club Officers, Steve Brockway and the rest of the executive


Thanks to the membership for showing up in force to let the Park Board we are a large and

interested organisation.

This is a Satellite Image of the new and over-all view of the park. 1991 dates

Mac Strader