Rodrock announces plans for Lenexa subdivisions


By JOE HENDERSON - Special to The Star

Date: 07/14/98 22:15


Horses grazing on the rolling green pastures of the Mill

Creek Ranch in Lenexa soon could be replaced by houses.


Rodrock Development Co. wants to develop 120 acres of

the ranch property at 8440 Renner Road and on an adjacent

38 acres near the Kansas National Guard Armory, 18200 W.

87th St. Parkway, with single-family dwellings and



The company has submitted a rezoning and preliminary plat

to the Lenexa Planning Commission that will be considered

Aug. 3, said Bill Meyer, the commission's planning and

development director.


The commission's recommendation on the plat then is

scheduled to go to the City Council for consideration on Aug.

18, Meyer said.


Darol Rodrock, a prominent Johnson County developer, said

the transaction is contingent on approval of the zoning and

preliminary plat.


"If approved, construction could start this fall," Rodrock said.


The development will be named Parkhurst because of its

proximity to Shawnee Mission Park. It is to consist of three

villages of homes priced from $180,000 to $250,000 on 135

acres. The townhouses, 225 to 240 units, will be on the

remaining 23 acres near the armory and the Johnson

County 3 & 2 League baseball complex, Rodrock said.


The subdivision will be a $125 million project when

completed three years from the start of construction,

Rodrock said.


"It's not real big, just a nice size," he said.


"I will donate 24 acres right in the middle of the development

to Lenexa for a park. I always like to leave parks in my

developments," Rodrock said.


"I've been looking at the property for several years. I do that. I

may look at something for years before I decide to do it. This

seemed to be the right time and price for it. It's a

phenomenal location. I'm surprised it's been there this long,"

he said.


The Mill Creek Ranch property has been owned by Robert

Mallin, a Prairie Village businessman, more than 20 years.

At one time it was known as Peterson's Stables.


Sale of the property is being handled by Owen Buckley with

the R.H. Johnson Co., who described it as "a multimillion

dollar transaction." Pat Daniels of Cohen Esrey Real Estate

said the remaining 38 acres near the armory is owned by

Ken and Carole Myers, who now live in Tillamook, Ore.


Richard Shara, who leases the Mill Creek property from

Mallin and owns and boards nearly 100 horses, said he

wasn't surprised by the sale.


"When I took it over 11 years ago I knew this would happen.

There were rumors every year that it would be sold, so I

wasn't surprised," he said.


Shara said he expected Rodrock's plat to be approved by

the Planning Commission.


"I don't see any problems with it. Darol is a professional and

I'd say the odds are good it will go through.


"Personally, I think the property would have been a nice

addition to the park, but it's probably too expensive for that.

I'm sure the city will be glad to have it on the tax rolls," he

said with a laugh.


Shara was a cattle rancher near Cuba, Ks., "until '82 when

the bottom fell out of the cattle market."


"I came to Kansas City and started chiropractic college, but I

just didn't like being indoors. I've been around big animals all

my life and I like being outside. So when the ranch came up I

took it on," he explained.


When Boyd Peterson, now deceased, had the stables, pony

rides and hay wagon rides were offered.


"But I don't do that. If someone I didn't know came in and

said `I want to drive your car' I wouldn't let them. I feel the

same way about my horses," he said, adding that he will

continue boarding horses at another location.


"I like to feel I'm doing more than feeding people's horses,

like I'm giving them a place to dream and escape from the

city," Shara said.


Rodrock submits plans for Lenexa residential project

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