We have lots to do and it is all in my head right now (not a good place to
store anything important) so I need as many folks as can make it at the
Field tomorrow and probably Sunday.  I'll be there around 08:30 (bring a
plane if you want to check fly and get your safety orientation).  Be
prepared to work, chase materials and whatever else is needed to get things
done.  Bring your general carpenter tools.  I'll have electricity (a

The new lease agreement with the Johnson County Parks and Recreation
District for the use of the Shawnee Mission Radio Control Flying Field was
approved by the Board of Directors last night 5-20-04.

I'm sorry for taking so long to write this notice but I've spent all day
today continuing to work towards meeting the requirements of the lease so
we can get back to flying.

The Field WILL NOT be reopened for fun flying this weekend however we are
still able to continue training and check flights for Permits.

In order for the Field to be reopened (hopefully by next Saturday) for all
flying activities we have to get the various safety initiatives, notices
and other things in place that were agreed upon as a condition of our
continued use of the Field.

Here is the short list:

Construct and install the Bulletin Board (BB) at the West Gate entrance to
the Field.
Frame (anyone good and making frames??) and post the new SMRCC field rules,
AMA Safety Code, No Fly Zone Map, Permit Requirements (on a wall in the
pavillion and on the BB) and Johnson County Park Regulations (on the BB
only).  These posters are all ready to go just need the BB constructed,
painted/stained and roofed.
Lock all entrances to the Field.  The gates were ordered on Wednesday for
the open holes and I have chain to use in thier place until they are ready
to pick up.
Fabricate or have the two Lockable Main Entrance Flapper Signs made and
mount them on the West Gate closest to the pavillion and on the East Gate.
 I have the wording for them they must be out of durable metal and have a
color scheme. Mark Dennis thought he might have the materiald for these.**
NO FLY ZONE signs x 3 need to be fabricated and installed (two on the West
side of the Field and one at the tree line on the East side of the Field).
 **These are being ordered by the Park and we hope to have them before the
end of the week.**
Three 20 foot x 2" steel poles need to be properly marked and installed
along the edge of the Fly/No Fly boundary **(NOTE: If anyone has access to
our can donate 3 each 21 foot sections of Galvanized Steel Pipe please let
me know.  At our cost they are roughly $159.00 each the park can get them
for around $96.00 each)**  They must be dropped 3 feet in the ground and
anchored in concrete.
Get those that want to fly their safety orientation, check flight and we
all must sign a statement of indemnification protecting the Park from any
liability as a result of our flying.  I need to get the wording right for 
 these and have copies made for each of us.
Start work on extending the cyclone fence line on the East and West side of
the field.
Anything else that needs to be done that has fallen out of my head and
finds its way back between now and the end of next week.

Folks, we've got the Districts approval.  Now I need your help to put our
part of the agreement in place so we can get back to flying.

Mac has posted the New Field Rules, the 2004 AMA Safety Code and the SMRCC
Flying Permit Requirements/Contact information on our web site at  Please take a few minutes to go over these so as you
talk with friends and fellow fliers you can give them accurate information.
 It will also make it easier to get through the Safety Orientation if you
have read these in advance.

Thanks In Advance