Friday, May 7th, 2004


SMRCC Members are invited to the R/C Barnstormers Hillsdale Lake May Fun
Fly (Saturday May 8th), Hot Dog Cookout and Membership Drive. Contests
begins at 09:52.

I encourage ALL SMRCC MEMBERS to come out for this event and plan on having
a FUN day. Please if at all possible let me know if you plan to attend so
we can insure there are plenty of refreshments.

Shortly after I announced that our field had been closed I received email
from the R/C Barnstormers at Hillsdale Lake offering us the use of their
field while we work through getting ours reopened. Since it is already
taking longer than I had hoped it would take to get us back in the air and
in the interest of getting you back up I met with the R/C Barnstormers at
their meeting last night.

I talked to Pat Hewitt President of the R/C Barnstormers and he explained
how we could set up the gates at the Hillsdale Field so that both the
Barnstormers and SMRCC fliers would have access.

I am going to be at the Hillsdale Field on Saturday and will have the
combination lock and chain needed to set up our access.

Any SMRCC Member interested in flying at the Hillsdale Field
( ) can get with me on
Saturday and I will go over the local field safety rules
 along with pointing out their No Fly Zones and provide members that have been briefed with the
combination to the lock on our chain at the entrance to their Field.

Pat and all the rest of the Barnstormers "THANK YOU" for inviting us to your
field and making us feel at home.

DIRECTIONS: From our side of town take Interstate 35 South to US 169 Hwy
(Great Plains Mall and Olathe Medical Center Exit) go South on 169 until
you get to the Town of Hillsdale Exit go West straight through Hillsdale
follow the county road across the Hillsdale Lake Dam at the far West side
of the Dam there is a gravel access road that goes behind the dam turn left
onto that access road (you have gone to far if you pass the State Park
Entrance Gate) go down the hill and just as you level out there is a small
gravel road that goes South (right) take that turn there is a parking
permit required (if you plan on flying a lot at the field or becoming a
member then you should stop by the entrance to the State Park and get an
annual parking pass FIRST its good for entry into all state parks and you
will save money over the course of the year). You should see lots of folks
and their Pavilion as you get close.


Richard G. Waeltermann
President, SMRCC
[email protected]