All,  Thursday May 06, 2004

First, thank you for being so patient and understanding as we work through
getting our field re-opened.  I also want to thank those at the Park that
have spent more time than they should have to getting things in place so
that we can reopen our field.

As of today our field is still closed to Fun Flying of any kind.  We have
been given permission to conduct training and give the Safety Orientation
and Flight Checks to members only.  The current forecast is that the Field
will not re-open for Fun Flying until after the May Park Board meeting on
May 19th 2004 with a possible re-opening date of May 20th 2004.  This is
not a firm date and is contingent on the Park Boards approval of a newly
written agreement between the Shawnee Mission Radio Control Club and the
Johnson County Parks system.  There is progress being made and I know you
are all anxious as I am to see the field re-opened.  Please continue to be
patient there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I just finished talking with the Johnson County Superintendent of Parks &
Golf Courses.  First off I want everyone to know that although it may seem
as though information has been flowing rather slowly there has been a lot
going on in the background and progress is being made towards getting our
field reopened.

There have been several meetings held within the Johnson County Parks
Office over the last few weeks.  They have also been in contact with other
State and County Parks in both Kansas and Missouri trying to get
information from them about how the relationship between the various parks
and local fliers are managed.  They have also had their legal minds
pondering the various legalities involved in our future relationship with
the park.  I was told today that a draft agreement was sent to the Park for
review and it in turn has been returned to the legal folks for some
proposed minor adjustments.

I can't share any of the details in the agreement.  I haven't seen it and
shouldn't until it is finalized.  Once the agreement is approved and signed
I'll be able to give everyone an overview of those parts that effect all of
us as fliers.

I had a meeting on Saturday morning with the Shawnee Mission Park Manager
where he and I went over the various boundaries that need to be clearly
marked as well as updating our area map to better delineate the sky view of
our field and the safe flying zone.  The signs and new area map were
ordered on Monday of this week.

We have had a few members show up both on Saturday of last week and during
training on Tuesday of this week to get their Safety Orientation and Flight
Checks.  As it stands today there are five SMRCC Flight Instructors.  They

Mac Strader
Jim Overisch
Rich Waeltermann
Mark Smith
Shane Sternecker

Of these five the top three have everything they need to conduct Training,
give the Safety Orientation and conduct Flight Checks.  At the present time
one of us MUST be present whenever any flying is taking place at our field.
 We have readily apparent markings that the Park Rangers look for whenever
they see planes in the air at our field.

I have had inquiries from a few members about when we will be available to
give training and issue Flying Permits.  We will do this Training every
Tuesday Night thoughout daylight savings time.  I will also arrange to be
there myself on Saturdays between now and when the field reopens.  I want
to hear from the membership on the Saturday offering since we do this on
our own time I don't want to have myself or someone else obligated to be at
the field and then not have anyone show up.  If there are a number of
members that would like to get it done on a Saturday please let me know and
based on the demand I'll setup times you can expect us to be there for you.
You can also contact one of us and workout an agreeable time to get your
training anytime during the week.

During the course of this process the Park brought to my attention that our
Non Profit Incorporated status with the State of Kansas had been allowed to
lapse.  I submitted a request for reinstatement and our delinquent Annual
Reports for 2002 and 2003 as well as the due in by 15 June report for 2004
along with the various filing fees today to the Kansas Secretary of State.
 I also owe the Park a copy of our current by-laws.

Again I want to thank everyone for your patience and understanding there
has been progress and so far the weather gods have almost made this

As soon as I have any new information I will let you know.


Richard G. Waeltermann
President, SMRCC
[email protected]