Shawnee Mission Park R/C Flying Field Flying Permit Requirements


Annual Flying Permits Are Issued Every Tuesday Evening During Daylight Savings Time (Weather Permitting) or When Coordinated in Advance With an SMRCC Certified Instructor.


In order to qualify for a Flying Permit the R/C Flier must meet the following requirements:


1.     Have in their possession a current AMA License.

2.     Sign a statement agreeing to indemnify (def:To save harmless; to secure against loss or damage; to insure.) the Johnson County, Kansas Parks and Recreation District.  NOTE: Meeting requirements 1 and 5 as listed here provide for this protection.

3.     Acknowledge receipt of the Field Safety Orientation (Issued by an SMRCC Certified Instructor) and agree to abide by all Shawnee Mission Park and the R/C Flying Field Rules.

4.     Demonstrate in the presence of an SMRCC Certified Instructor the flier’s ability to properly prepare their model aircraft for flight and then, maintain positive control of their model aircraft during takeoff, while in the air and while landing without violating any of No Fly Zones.

5.     Be a member of the Shawnee Mission Radio Control Club.