TO:All Current Members of Shawnee Mission Radio Control Club

FROM:Rich Waeltermann

SUBJECT:Re-opening of the Shawnee Mission Park Radio Control Flying Field




Before I start if you havenít read the new Field rules and other notices that are posted on our web site ( you should do that (they are also posted at the field).It will help to clarify what I have to say below.


Rule #1 (itís not written on any of our signs or placards).We are each first our own judge or evaluator of our individual capabilities as a flier.Donít allow ego or poor judgement to influence you.If you would like any of the instructors to work with you on honing your flying skills we will be happy to do it.Use a spotter!Making a wrong choice that results in a violation of our approved air space will almost certainly get the field closed permanently.


It has been a very busy month but I want to announce that our Flying Field is WILL re-opened on Saturday the 29th of May 2004 for Fun Flying to all those that have their Flying Permit.I will be at the Field on Friday most of the day 9 Ė 5 for anyone that wants to get there Permit today.We one outstanding thing to complete and everything will be in place.


However, with the re-opening of the Field there are several things that have changed with regard to what is required in order to fly at our Field.For those of us that have been with the club for some time and have always flown in a safe and prudent manner these changes will be almost transparent.The reality is that these changes are all nothing more than a stronger and more vigilant focus on SAFETY!


So there is no doubt I want everyone to hear it from me.With this re-opening all members that fly from our Field have added responsibilities.In accepting a Flying Permit you are agreeing to assist in the following manner:


    Each and everyone one of us must insure that our fellow members always fly SAFELY and observe the Field Rules, AMA Safety Code and Posted Restrictions when flying at our Field.


     We MUST report any violations as soon as possible to either another Club Officer or myself.


     We must insure that ONLY Members are allowed access to our Field when we are present.


     We must insure that our gates are closed and locked if we are the last person leaving the Field and that the signs indicating the Field is Closed are properly displayed on the two common entrances to the Field.


    We must be courteous to others interested in flying from our Field and direct them to the information on our Bulletin Board that spells out what must happen before they can be allowed to fly at our Field.All qualified fliers are WELCOME after they meet these requirements.If needed we must be firm with regard to insuring that those requirements enforced.We have the support of the Park Rangers if we encounter any resistance to what is required.I can also be called if you think I can help.


     In all cases when in doubt error in favor of the SAFETY others on the field, spectators nearby and our neighbors in adjacent areas near our field.I would rather answer to a disgruntled flier that has been asked to suspend his flying until we can clear up what happened, if in dong this we have or believe we have prevented an injury or infraction to our rules and flying restrictions.


I want to assure you that all the Club Officers will have ZERO TOLERANCE for UNSAFE actions on the field or while in flight.We need you to adopt that same level of attention to what happens while you are on the Field.


Weíve all been given a second chance.During my many conversations this month with members of the Johnson County Park District I have repeatedly said that I want it to be another 40+ years or more before there is even the hint of another accident/injury as a result of a misguided R/C aircraft.I truly believe that this can be real.


I also know that each and every one of us has it with in our power to be part of our continued Good Fun and SAFE FLYING experience at the Shawnee Mission Park.When in doubt refer to RULE#1.